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Welcome to the Alternatives website

This is the official website of the World of Warcraft guild Alternatives on the EU Server Silvermoon. Enjoy your stay and remember…

Be unique, be an Alternative !

Be unique, be an Alternative!

Alternatives was formed to facilitate organised raids for players who are unable to raid weekdays due to work or social commitments. Raiding weekends enables our members to concentrate on “real life” whilst also completing Azeroth based challenges!

Since our inception we have always accomplished and often exceeded our raiding goals:

  • To clear each raid on heroic difficulty whilst it is current content.
  • Provide a fun and relaxed raiding environment.

Whilst we have modest raiding goals, our preparation and attitude in achieving these goals is professional.

We believe this is the true meaning of casual raiding; commitment, preparation and focus but with an understanding that “real life” is important too.

You matter

As a member of Alternatives you’re opinion matters. We welcome debate and any ideas or strategy you have; from the way the guild is managed to how to kill a specific boss, your opinions will always be considered and discussed. We want you to feel part of one big online family and to enjoy being a part of it.

Community spirit

We are huge advocates for the 3 C’s – Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration. Alternatives is all about the old fashioned guild experience; social interactions, cooperative gameplay and shared goals.
Being an Alternative is more than just our style of raiding, it is a place to meet friendly, like minded players and enjoy yourself in your Azeroth adventures.

We want all our members to be comfortable and to look forward to time spent in game, regardless of membership status.

A life outside of Azeroth

We fully understand that you can’t commit to playing 24/7. Years of experience has taught us an important lesson;

The gaming experience should be arranged around your everyday habits and commitments. World of Warcraft should be an escape from the everyday stress and worries, not a source.

This is why our raid times are tailored around busy work, sports, university or family schedules.

It doesn’t matter if you have just picked up World of Warcraft for the first time, if you are a returning veteran or a stalwart Azeroth hero, if our concept and ethos sounds good to you, Alternatives might just be the home you have been looking for.

Interested in joining us?


We are looking forward to welcome you in our ranks.